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Product ID: IQ-U
Description: IQ Ultra Chambers (non-woven medical tape)(100 X 10)
Price (US):$175.00
Price (CDN):$225.00
IQ Ultra™ The patented Inert Quadrate design
Features & Benefits
  • Each chamber has a filter paper incorporated which eliminates adding loose filter papers to facilitate handling of liquid haptens.
  • The rim of each chamber has an adhesive layer to optimize adhesion to the skin and to eliminate leakage. This makes IQ Ultra™ a closed-cell system enhancing occlusion and confining the test reaction within the chamber parameter.
  • The size of the IQ Ultra™ is small to allow the application of multiple test units to patients’ backs.
  • The chambers are made of thin and soft polyethylene foam material to maximize patient comfort.
  • The highest quality hypoallergenic surgical tape is used for the IQ Ultra™. Each strip of 10 chambers of IQ Ultra™ is attached to a protective plastic cover with corresponding compartments which makes it possible to re-attach the tape after advance filling of the chambers with the haptens.
  • The Application plate for IQ Ultra™ makes advance filling of test substances even easier. The device is specifically designed for the IQ Ultra™. It is cost effective and saves nurses/technicians time, as they can prepare test series up to two weeks prior to use. Aqueous haptens should not be preloaded.
Product Information
  • IQ Ultra™ is made of additive-free polyethylene plastic foam with a filter paper incorporated.
  • IQ Ultra™ is supplied in units of 10 chambers (in 2 rows of 5 chambers/row) on a hypoallergenic non woven adhesive tape.
  • The tape with the chambers has a protective plastic cover with 10 corresponding compartments. The cover makes it possible to re-attach the tape to the cover after advance filling of the chambers with haptens.
  • The volume of the chamber is 32 μl and the inside area of the chamber is 64 µl.
  • The width of the tape is 52 mm and the length is 118 mm.
Packaging & Service
  • The IQ Ultra™ is supplied in cardboard boxes containing 100 units per box (100x10 chambers).
  • A Reading Plate for IQ Ultra™ is supplied in each box.

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