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Product ID: NBC
Description: NIK-L-BLOK Barrier Cream (Temporarily unavailable)
Price (US):$19.95
Price (CDN):$19.95
NIK-L-BLOK Barrier Cream
  • Traps Nickel Ions
  • Traps Cobalt Ions
  • Fragrance Free
Clinically Tested & Proven Effective!
Protects against eczema induced by nickel & cobalt!
How NIK-L-BLOK works!
NIK-L-BLOKTM is a revolutionary skin barrier cream with patented formula that traps nickel and cobalt ions effectively protecting the skin against developing ACD.
NIK-L-BLOKTM will help prevent sensitization leading to contact allergy if used when handling objects releasing nickel or cobalt. If you already have developed a contact allergy, NIK-L-BLOK will help protect your skin, enabling metal interaction without worrying about developing eczema.
Why NIK-L-BLOK is Proven Effective!
The patented formula of NIK-L-BLOKTM uses DTPA ( a metal ion chelator) to prevent free metal ions from nickel or cobalt to penetrate the skin. Apply a protective layer of NIK-L-BLOK to all skin areas exposed to metal contact. Apply as needed. Re-apply after washing.

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